Dr Sara Santos 
Maths Busking

Sara loves maths, and believes anyone can appreciate the power and beauty of mathematics.

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Dr Ken Farquhar
Inspirational Science Theatre Company

Dr Ken Farquhar performs STEM shows and workshops designed to make science entertaining and engaging for all.

Science Busking in Norwich

Sara is director and co-founder of Maths Busking and its sister organisation Intelligent Cabaret. Since 2010 Maths Busking trains enthusiasts to share mathematics via street entertainment, earning the Seed of Science Science Communication award in 2011 and a Recognition of Distinction at the 2012 EngageU competition. 

Sara is a member of the European Mathematical Society committee for Raising the Public Awareness of mathematics.

Born in Portugal, Sara received her first degree in Mathematics at Porto University, followed by a PhD at the University of Manchester. She is working with WorldMathsUK to launch the first UK maths museum.

Ken is a World juggling champion and Soap bubble Chemist. 

His science communication style has developed from on the job experience in many complimentary fields including street performer, mime artist, actor, school teacher, television researcher and presenter.

His most recent work included a London 2012 schools Sports STEM tour and an Olympic street theatre project with the Francis Crick Institute.

He provides bespoke days for schools at all key stages and delivers development programmes for educational professionals, academics and businesses.

Dr Sara at Global with Jon Sopel, BBC News International

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Dr Ken appears on Engineers Week

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